Terra Nostra Ashe Ville

What our customers have to say

If you are running a business (any kind of it, from selling pencils to providing car repair services) nothing is a better sign of whether you are doing a good or bad job than what your costumers are saying, because if you don’t constantly have one ear opened to, not just their praises, but also their suggestions and grievances, you risk quickly losing them.

Here at Terra Nostra in Asheville, North Carolina, we always listen to what our costumers are saying about us. If it is something good, we continue to do it, if it is something bad, we strive to change that. We know that maybe the best way for a company like us to thrive is to listen carefully for their costumers.

We provide services in home decor in many different styles. You can find Morrocan, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Latin American, African and many other different styles that can really give your home a completely different and refreshed look. This also means that we like to be inovative and this is often not an easy job. Thankfully, we have our costumers to show us the right way.

A company or shop cannot continue to do its business, unless the costumers are satisfied. Today, this is incredibly important. Long are past the days when you had only one shop or one internet service provider and had to stick with it “in better and in worse”. Today, competiion has grown incredibly in every segment of business and potential costumers know very well what they want. If they can’t get what thet want from your company, they will go to your biggest rival, you can be sure of that.

Our costumers are an important part of our business, the reason why we are doing this and if we didn’t listened to them, we know that it wouldn’t end well for us, no matter how loyal they may be.

For instance, we noted that some of our costumers have complained that they always see the same goods when they walk in Terra Nostra, so we decided to act on that and to re-stock with some new and exciting furniture and home decorations from Latin America. The word about it spread quickly, people starting to drop by much more often, even those that have entered only once or twice before have now returned. It was a deffinite hit and we’ll surelly do it again. We wouldn’t be able to do that if we didn’t know what our costumers are saying.

Because we want to know what our costumers ar saying, we have a note book in the shop itself where costumers can enter any thought they have about us, whether good or bad. We want get pampered if it was the first or start sulking if it was the later. Also, our costumers can just drop by our website and give their opinion there. There is always someone who will read it and well act acordingly

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